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July 4, 2018

Meet Our Financial Coach

Tee Weaver is a Wealth Advisor and has been in the Financial Industry over 10 years.  Ms. Weaver obtained a Masters in Wealth and Trust Management from Gardner Webb. She became inspired to teach financial literacy from the personal experience of growing up in a low-income community and the hardships that can result. She feels the education system places inadequate focus on financial education. This contributes to the fact that many students graduate from high school and step into the real world without the understanding of basic financial knowledge. It is Ms. Weaver’s mission to instill financial education throughout our school system to empower the youth with a healthier understanding of finances; including how to obtain and maintain wealth. Ms. Weaver is determined to strengthen the mindset of our youth and equip them with the drive, knowledge and confidence to make their communities and this world a better place.

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