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Meliah Bell, NC 

“I am equipped with the confidence to make informed financial decisions... I am grateful to receive a scholarship that will provide crucial support for my financial decision as I embark on my college journey."

Nikita Gagum, SC

 Director, Trio ELITE Scholars

"Ms. Weaver provided

services; unlike any other vendor we had used before. Her sessions continuously engaged our students, and her workshops had our highest participation rate that year. The most surprising and rewarding aspect of our experience was after the workshop series, where Ms. Weaver extended the option for our students to apply for a scholarship.

Ms. Weaver is genuinely passionate about her mission, goes above and beyond her advertised services, and is highly professional in her work ethic."

Carla Angus, SC

 Executive Director, DBC

“Tee Weaver breaks down how to meet financial goals, prepare for college, home buying and change the generational narrative about finances. Our students love her courses.”

Financial Literacy Is The Greatest Gift Of All

June 18, 2018

Financial literacy is comparable to learning classes in school. It involves learning concepts and applying specific strategies to take you through life. Financial literacy is the understanding of money such as taxes, savings, bills, retirement, budgeting and paying for school and investing. A study by the FINRA Foundation estimated that nearly two-thirds of Americans couldn’t pass a basic financial literacy test. According to the study, Americans have low levels of financial literacy and have difficulty applying financial decision-making skills to real-life situations. What children need is strong communities to help  bridge the gap between novice and expert in knowledge of financial literacy. 


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